The Twelfth Doctor Has Arrived!

In an announcement that shook the Internet, Peter Capaldi was announced as the replacement to Matt Smith’s Doctor on BBC favourite Doctor Who.PeterCapaldi_12th

Capaldi, who is best known for his roles on The Thick of It and The Hour, will reportedly be making his first appearance in this year’s Christmas special, when Smith’s Eleventh Doctor is expected to regenerate into Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor.

Apparently, BBC executives had been considering Capaldi for months to take on the iconic role, but it was only once he did a secret audition at the house of one of the BBC controllers that they made a decision. The Guardian reports that the selection process was referred to as “Project Houdini,” and that only ten people had known that Capaldi had been chosen.

Fans are raising the question that, with only 13 Doctors in the incarnation cycle, what will happen when the cycle runs down? Who experts think that the problem will still be a few years away, but that the BBC will find a way around it when the time comes. We certainly hope so!

Also, for the Who fans out there, check back in with us on Monday August 12––we have eight exclusive advance reading copies of Who’s 50, by Graeme Burk and Robert Smith? to give away to eight lucky fans. Stay tuned for details on how to win!


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