And the winners are…

After two full days of amazing, funny, in-depth and detailed commenting, our Who’s 50 contest is sadly over. But, now it’s time to announce the winners! The prizes, just in case it slipped your mind, are 8 exclusive advance reading copies of Who’s 50, a compendium of the 50 Doctor Who stories that any fan must watch before they die.

Whos50-Catalogue 2

Behold, your ultimate guide.

The finished copies of the book won’t be out until October, so the winners can get a head start on their Who-watching to prepare for the 50th anniversary! A special twist is that our esteemed judges of the contest were the Who’s 50 authors themselves, Graeme Burk and Robert Smith?.


Pictured here, pointing out the winners.

So, let’s get to the announcing…

The winners of the contest are (in no particular order):

Steven Marsh (“Doctor Who and the Silurians” episode 4)

 Amanda Portelli (The TV Movie)

 Jason M (“The Sensorites”)

Marie Devigne (“The Aztecs”)

 Patimbeau (“Vincent and the Doctor”)

 Rory (“The End of the World”)

 AndyS (“The Eleventh Hour”)

 Ben Hackett (“The Christmas Invasion”)

And a note from Graeme and Robert:

“There were a lot of great entries, and some really surprising choices of episodes. It’s a cliché to say it, but it honestly was a difficult decision to make. We went with entries that were thoughtful, inventive, funny and original, but there were so many more we could have chosen from! One thing is clear reading this: every Doctor Who fan has a favourite story and it’s unique to them. Isn’t it great to be fans of a show that can spark such loyalty on such a diverse bunch of episodes! We hope everyone enjoys reading Who’s 50! ”

– Graeme Burk and Robert Smith?

Congratulations to our winners! I know you’re going to love your prizes, but first you have to claim them! We’ll take care of sending out your books, so please keep an eye on the email you used to leave the comment. We’ll get in touch and you can send us your mailing address!

Thanks for playing everyone!


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