Who’s Your Doctor?

In the ECW offices, we’re pretty excited about Fan Expo: we’ve got great books to show off and awesome authors that are doing signings and panels galore! We’re looking forward to seeing fan reactions to one book in particular, too: Who’s 50, by Graeme Burk and Robert Smith?

Whos50-Catalogue 2

You may remember that we recently gave away some exclusive advance reading copies to some lucky Who fans, but we’ll also have a limited number of copies of Who’s 50 available for sale at Fan Expo––the book won’t be available for sale until October, so if you’re a big fan, you could get your hands on a copy before almost anyone else!

But reading about Doctor Who made us curious to know: which Doctor do the fans prefer most? To find out, we’ll be conducting a poll at Fan Expo––but fans can also vote here! Check out our handy-dandy infographic below if your memory is a little hazy, and vote!


So, tell us who your favourite Doctor is––is it old-school William Hartnell? Or how about Colin Baker? Maybe Christopher Eccleston or David Tennant?


One thought on “Who’s Your Doctor?

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