Will the Liars Finally Start Getting to the Bottom of Things? (Also, a New Face in Rosewood!)

Pretty Little Liars fans are no doubt happy to see that season four is already off to an explosive start. Let’s recap: a maybe–dead body in a trunk, a real dead body under a tarp, the reveal of the Queen of Hearts, the reveal of the existence of a mysterious second Queen of Hearts (what?), the return of Alison’s mother (something’s definitely not right there), someone behind a lace veil, and a missing burnt red coat– and is Alison really alive? Plus, countless other details that are sure to lead to big shocks down the road.

Producer Marlene King has promosed fans that this is the season they’ll finally start getting some huge payoffs in the vein of big, big reveals, saying “It’s time to let the audience in on what we’ve been doing.” The circuitous series has been known for it’s meticulous details and Easter eggs that pop up, adding to the series-long mysteries of Alison’s death and the identity of “A.” The first two episodes have already given viewers some of the answers they’ve been looking for– we hope this is a trend that will continue!


There’s no chance of Rosewood running out of mysteries and secrets though: there’ll be a new face in town by the end of the season. TV Line reports that Luke Kleintank of Bones‘ fame will be making a special guest appearance in Rosewood. As Travis, a “good kid with strong morals” (a rare occurrence in Rosewood), he’ll bring some secrets of his own, one of which may impact one of the Liars in a big (and maybe helpful) way. Our fingers are crossed that he’ll end up getting close to one of the Liars too.

But the bigger question is this: “Travis” is sure to have more than a few skeletons in his closet (and not just ones he brought with him fromBones!). What’s his secret, and how will it “help” one of the girls? Does he know something about the maybe-not-dead Alison? Has he seen A’s real face? The suspense is killing us!


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