The Buffyverse Lives On

Time sure has flown– we’re quickly coming up to the ten year anniversary of the (epic) last episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer!


Sunnydale (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, it’s true, the show has been off the air for ten long years; the last episode aired May 20, 2003. We know Buffy finally tipped the scale towards the side of good (by rather effectively turning Sunnydale into a smoldering crater), but we also kind of wish that she left enough evil around to continue for a few seasons more! Over the years, there’s been talk of TV movies, straight-to-DVD movies and spinoffs (other than Angel that is), and while the series continues in comic book form, we still long to see Buffy fighting vampires, The Trio, demons, The Initiative, other Slayers, Caleb, Willow, The Gentlemen…anyone or anything, really. Also, love triangles. Spike or Angel, Spike or Angel? Truly a debate for the ages. Throw your opinion out there here at Entertainment Weekly’s site, where they’re pitting vamp against vamp in a poll to decide who should win Buffy’s heart.

But, until our dreams come true and a movie is made, at least we have Netflix, reruns, and this:

 We can always hope, right?


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