The ECW Fan Expo Showdown: Results

This weekend ECW returned to Fan Expo in Toronto, and we thought that given all the hardcore fans in the building, it’d be fun to have a theoretical cage match and see who came out on top. So we had a prize draw/poll that asked people who they’d put their weight behind in a sci-fi showdown. Here are the results so far and your chance to vote:

The Beefcakes: Conan the Barbarian vs. Khal Drogo

The Mystery Men: Cancer Man vs. Ben Linus

The Blond Bad Boy Vamps:

The Brothers:

More than Machines:

The Joshua Jacksons: 

The Fierce Female Fighters:






Want to tip the scales? Vote now! (Though poor Pacey Witter needs a lot of help, and a better haircut apparently).

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15 thoughts on “The ECW Fan Expo Showdown: Results

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  3. I’m glad that the Winchesters are beating the Salvatores! Bella is just a stupid girl who fell in love with a sparkly vampire.

  4. Love twilight, but Bella is no Fierce Female Fighter, definitely voting for Katniss on that one 🙂
    and why are the Salvatores losing?

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