On the set of True Blood

Though I have an ambivalent fascinated-revolted relationship with True Blood, I was eager to read Becca Wilcott’s Truly, Madly, Deadly: The Unofficial True Blood Companion, and in fact, I got to give it a quick once over before it went to print back in April, and one thing that caught my eye as I zoomed through was the awesome on-set photos, which gave you a chance give Gran’s pantry or the LaFayette’s kitchen. This fall I got a chance to go on a little California road trip, and when I visited Warner Brothers Studios, I got to take a little look for myself! Though most of True Blood isn’t filmed at the WB, a couple things are, notably the external shots of Merlotte’s and the scenes at the swamp (Think Sam and Daphne going for a quick dip.) So I thought I’d share my photos for those who couldn’t get enough of the excellent ones in Truly, Madly:

Your humble blog companion (and friend!) unmasked at Merlotte's

Looks a little shallow for skinny dipping...



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