Recent TV Blog Highlights

It’s that time in the TV season where you can start to fall behind, but our industrious TV authors can help you catch up on your faves. Here’s what they’ve been writing about in the last couple weeks:

Over at Nik at Nite, Nikki Stafford reports on Walking Dead and holds meetings of Lostaholics Anonymous on Sawyer, Locke, and Ben Linus.

Barbara Barnett has the goods on the latest episode of House, “Office Politics,” as well as interviews with new cast member Amber Tamblyn and TV ratings guru Robert Seidman.

Crissy Calhoun has been posting away on, with everything you wanted to know about episodes 6, 7, and 8. And never fear, her Gossip Girl posts are still as jam-packed with delightful info as a Gossip blast from GG herself. Head on over to the Calhoun Tribune to read her recaps of episodes 7 and 8 (or just go to look at Chuck Bass photos — totally acceptable too).

And over where Gleeks Unite, Suzanne posts her gleecaps of episodes 5 and 6, and reports on Volume 4 of Glee: The Music and the Glee Christmas album.

And always there’s more TV goodness at all of the blogs! Till next time!


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