TV Blog Highlights for 10.19.10

Their books are out in the world, but our fall TV authors are still writing away. Here’s what they’ve been talking about over the last fortnight:

Crissy Calhoun adds to her expertise on all things Salvatore as she reads and reviews A Vistor’s Guide to Mystic Falls. You can also join the shipper wars in the comment section of Crissy’s latest post on episode 2.05.

On Blogcritics, Barbara shares her thoughts on the most recent House episodes,  “Massage Therapy” and “Unplanned Parenthood.” You can also listen to her radio interview with CKWR:

Over at Nik at Nite, Nikki writes about Mad Men Season 4 after the finale, seeing the Big Bang Theory characters live on stage, episodes 3.03 and  3.04 of Fringe, held a Lostaholics Anonymous meeting to talk Jack, and announced the winner of her Finding Lost contest.

Lastly, in the land where Gleeks rule, Suzanne gives her Gleecap for episodes 3 and 4.

That’s it for this week sports fans! (er . . . TV fans. But maybe sports fans too, who knows?)


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