ECW Tube Talk: Part 8

Last time on ECW Tube Talk, our introduction to the TV tastes of our staffers, we talked to Publicity Director Simon Ware. This time we’ve got a few quick questions for

Jessica Rose, one of our recent interns.

Let’s see what kind of effect we’d had on her in her past couple months at ECW HQ.

What shows are must-see TV for you right now?

The Daily Show, The Big Bang Theory

And which shows rank as all-time favourites?

The Daily Show, Sex and the City

Have your fellow ECW staffers talked you into watching a show you wouldn’t have otherwise tried?

Erm . . . not really. Not yet. I am cautious about starting new TV shows because when I get invested, I get stressed about the well being of the characters. It’s ridiculous, I know.

If you were to write a TV companion guide, which show would you examine, and why?

The Big Bang Theory. The show clearly consults with experts to make the physics and geek jokes as real as they can be, and an explanatory guide for the layman who still enjoys the show would, I think, be extremely useful. There are a lot of references in each episode.

Thanks for answering our questions, Jessica! We’d better get to work on the TV peer pressure. You can’t finish your time at ECW without one new TV addiction . . .

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