Recent TV Blog Highlights

Hidey-Ho TV lovers, it’s that special time again when we point to a few of the awesome things our TV authors are doing out on the world wide web.

Becca Wilcott continues her weekly True Blood recaps for the National Post‘s Ampersand blog. Check out her thoughts on things that go bump in the night in Bon Temps with recaps to episodes ten and eleven.

Over at Nik at Nite, Nikki devotes a post to Don Draper and Co., takes a foray into Dr. Who, and offers the chance to buy an autographed copy of Finding Lost: Season Six!

On Blogcritics Barbara Barnett writes about the Huddy love story that’s been brewing for six seasons now and offers her thoughts on being a first time author.

In the land of Gleeks, the Glee Summer Music Showdown has reached the Elite Eight phase. Check out the new bracket and cast your votes! At Gleeks United, Suzanne reports on the Glee kids’ stint in Springfield and  Glee‘s Emmy Wins, and points to first episode stills and the season 2 promo.


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