Recent TV Blog Highlights

Not going anywhere this summer? That’s okay, we’ll take you on a whirlwind tour of TV blog land, where our authors are always cooking up something good.

Our happy author settling down for some quality reading.

We’ll start over at Nik at Nite, where Nikki takes a time out to write about Mad Men, reveals her brand new cover for Finding Lost Season 6, and shares an awesome endorsement for the Finding Lost series.

Next, we’ll take a brief jaunt over to the Calhoun Tribune, where Crissy amps up the excitement for S4 of Gossip Girl with the new trailer.

Now let’s swerve toward Glee Dork, where Erin updates the Summer Music Showdown scores and speculates on an all-George Michael episode. In another pit-stop in the land of Gleeks, Suzanne shares the Glee Season 2 poster.

Our final stop this week is over at Blogcritics, where Barbara talks House spoilers and the good doctor’s good Yiddish.

That’s it for this week’s ride round the interweb. Check back here for future departures!


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