ECW Tube Talk: Part 7

We’re back with another installment of of ECW Tube Talk where we let you in on our TV tastes and give you an introduction to the television tastes of the people who make ECW titles a reality. Last time we talked with Co-Publisher David Caron, and this installment we’re talking to

Publicity Director Simon Ware

What shows are must-see TV for you right now?

LOST, 24, the news.

And which shows rank as all-time favourites?

Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, WKRP in Cincinnati, Kids in the Hall, The Simpsons, Twitch City, NYPD Blue (Bobby, Sipowicz, Medovoy, Jones.. gone but not forgotten <sniff!>), Deadwood, The Wire, Rome.

Have your fellow ECW staffers talked you into watching a show you wouldn’t have otherwise tried?
Sarah and Jen H tried valiantly to turn me on to Friday Night Lights. Everyone’s been raving about True Blood and they’re right, it’s pretty amazing. Vampires aren’t even my favourite monster but I might just stick with this show, even though it’s unlikely a zombie is ever going to lurch on to the set:(

If you were to write a TV companion guide, which show would you examine, and why?
Hmm. Good question! Breaking Bad or Dexter. Or maybe an in-depth look at North American reality tv shows, from the most popular and longest running to the weirdest, with first-hand interviews with hosts, cast, and crew about their experiences on-set.

Thanks for sharing with us, Simon!

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