ECW Books for Being Erica

While we usually write about the TV in our books, I’ve decided to take a different approach this week and talk about some of our books appearing on TV! A while ago we got a call from someone at Being Erica, a Canadian television drama about Erica Strange, a young woman in Toronto who’s made some bad life choices, and thanks to her quotation-spouting mystical therapist, Dr. Tom, she’s given the chance to go back in time and try to change them. Of course much of the series still takes place in the present as Erica tries to find romance and a satisfying career. (And the fact that she finds work in a publishing house just makes the show of even more interest to the TV lovers ’round ECW.) Given that Erica’s a bookish young lady, the sets need a lot of books, and the production folks at BE decided they’d like to use titles from local Canadian publishers. So they gave us a call to see if we’d donate some books for the on-set shelves. We happily agreed, and rather than just grabbing randoms from the shelf, a couple ECW keeners/Being Erica fans decided to select books that would be appropriate reading material for Erica Strange. Here are a few examples and why we sent them:

NOW’s Toronto: The Essential Guide to the Best of the City, The Beach, and Glenn Cochrane’s Toronto: One of the glorious things about Being Erica is that it beautifully showcases Toronto as itself. So we thought we’d send along some books that did the same thing and would help Erica get to know her hometown a little bit better.

Overqualified: Joey Comeau’s acclaimed book of fictional cover letters could not be more perfect for Erica at the beginning of the first season. Despite having a Master’s degree, she’s depressed and bouncing between dead-end jobs. No doubt Overqualified would resonate and be good for a much-needed laugh.

Finding Lost — Season Five: Clearly the girl needs some more info on all things time travel. It’s all the same give or take a frozen donkey wheel, right?

Can’tLit: fearless fiction from broken pencil magazine: Erica’s an aspiring writer, and this collection of short fiction from local mag Broken Pencil would give her a peek at authors with the courage to write outside the box.

The End of the River: Strangling the Rio Sao Francisco: When Erica finally gets a publishing job she works at River Rock, a fictional publishing house. Though this examination of the environmental impact of the fishing industry doesn’t to seem to be up Erica’s alley, we couldn’t resist the River connection — especially considering the events at the end of season 2.

Love Bites: The Unofficial Saga of Twilight: Okay, Erica may not be a Twihard, but she does Live Action Roleplay as a Blood Sorceress in Season 1’s “Erica the Vampire Slayer,” and as she looks for lasting romance, there’s no doubt she’d relate to that title.

You Can‘t Always Get What You Want: My Life with the Rolling Stones, the Grateful Dead, and Other Wonderful Reprobates: This memoir is the equivalent of Erica’s time travel, transporting the reader back to the late ’60s and early ’70s. But the main reason it got pulled from our shelf? The title is only too perfect. With Erica’s frequent attempts to change her past and chase something she may have missed, this famous song’s lyrics are one quote that should be in Dr. Tom’s regular repertoire.

So if you’re a fan of Being Erica, keep your eyes peeled this fall, you might just see our books on TV!

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