ECW Tube Talk: Part 6

With ECW Tube Talk we invite you to the lunch table to talk about everything that’s capturing our interest in TV land as of late. Because despite being book people, we watch a fair amount of TV, and we think we have pretty good taste. In the fourth installment of the series we talked to one of our co-publishers Jack David, and this time we’re talking to the second half of the dynamic duo,

Co-Publisher David Caron

What shows are must-see TV for you right now?

Glee, Being Erica, and iCarly are the three shows for which I have season passes through iTunes. We also have passes for Sonny With A Chance, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Hannah Montana, and I usually get hooked in to watching those with the kids, especially Clone Wars.

And which shows rank as all-time favourites?

Battlestar Galactica is a recent addition to the list. (I’ve watched the first few eps of Caprica, but I haven’t gotten into it in the same way as BSG.)

There have been so many shows that should be on this list: Star Trek (the original series and Enterprise), Seinfeld, Family Ties, The Daily Show, The Simpsons, Six Feet Under, and many more that I’m forgetting.

Have your fellow ECW staffers talked you into watching a show you wouldn’t have otherwise tried?

Being Erica is one. I tried Buffy based on all the talk, but I’m just not into vampires. I used to sleep in grade 4 with my sheets covering my neck, just in case.

If you were to write a TV companion guide, which show would you examine, and why?

I’ve written two already. I wish I had done one for Battlestar Galactica.

Thanks for talking with us, David!

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