ECW Tube Talk: Part 5

ECW Tube talk is a regular feature where we let you in on what catches our interest on TV. Last time we talked to co-publisher Jack David, and this time we’re talking to

Publicist Sarah Dunn

What shows are must-see TV for you right now?

House, Friday Night Lights, The Good Wife, Parenthood, and The Vampire Diaries.

And which shows rank as all-time favourites?

Sex and the City (though I hated the first movie and expect I’ll also hate the second one) and Everwood.

Have your fellow ECW staffers talked you into watching a show you wouldn’t have otherwise tried?

I borrowed the first season of Californication from Crissy and loved it so much that I later bought the DVD set for my collection. I would call it one of my must-see shows except I never watch it until it’s out on DVD, so I’m clearly able to wait several months for it.

If you were to write a TV companion guide, which show would you examine, and why?

I would probably choose Everwood or Friday Night Lights because I feel that both are really underappreciated and I’d like to draw attention to them in whatever little way I can. Any time I like something, I want to share it and I am constantly trying to force people to watch Everwood and FNL. What makes these programs so compelling is their ability to convey very real emotional truths, like any good work of fiction.

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2 thoughts on “ECW Tube Talk: Part 5

    • It’s true! I borrowed your Friday Night Lights DVDs and immediately fell in love with the show — so much so that I bought the DVDs myself and have now watched season one many times. I’d been hearing how amazing FNL was and was dying to check it out but just hadn’t gotten around to it. So thank you! The series has been a source of great enjoyment for me since then. And to anyone who hasn’t yet given Friday Night Lights a chance, pick up the DVDs (as far as box sets go, they’re a steal)!

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