Blog Highlights, June 6-20, 2010

With five TV titles coming this fall, it’s getting to be crunch time for our authors, who are furiously finishing up their books, but they’re still blogging away too! Here are some highlights from our prolific pens-for-hire:

Our Glee experts have teamed up to produce the Glee Summer Music Showdown contest, which is now in full swing. Check out the bracket:

The time for entries in the contest portion is closed, but you can still follow along and vote for your favourites! See the results from week one here. In the past fortnight the girls have also weighed in on Coldplay finally releasing their music catalogue, the new Glee books, and Glee movie possibilities, and hosted a Live chat about the finale.

Over at the Calhoun Tribune, Crissy Calhoun sees potential in the new ABC Family TV series Pretty Little Liars.

At Nik at Nite, Nikki Stafford’s Vampire Month is in full swing as she reports back on her experiences at the 2010 Slayage conference, but never fear, she hasn’t left Lost behind and points to a nifty Island map.


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