Blogcritics Interview with Barbara Barnett

Blogcritics recently ran a very thoughtful and thorough interview with Barbara Barnett, author of Chasing Zebras. In it Barbara outlines how her House obsession began (a feeling she hadn’t had since the X-Files), becoming a writer, joining the Blogcritics team, and turning that blog into a book.

Here she describes the concept behind her book:

“I’ve always liked the idea of series guide for more complex television series and some are better than others. . . . The problem with most television series guides is that either the author isn’t knowledgeable about the series — or that the guide is simply a rehashing of the episode scripts with some nice pictures thrown in to entice. Or both. Back in my X-Files obsession days, there had been a mass-market paperback written by three XF fans who were also television critics in the UK. Their guide was saucy and fun, but also got into the heart of each episode in a way that simply rehashing a script can’t do. I loved that guide. So I had a strong idea that I wanted any book I wrote to capture what I loved about that book. I also wanted to take what I had done in my column and expand and add to create something hopefully unique.”

Read the entire interview here.


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