Blog Highlights for May 17-30, 2010

Since your humble ECW blogger was remiss in doing highlights last week, this week we’re getting a double-dose of goodness. So hold on to your hats, folks, it’s time for a super-sized round-up of stellar posts from our authors in the blogosphere.

This week we’ll start with the Lost hot spot that is Nik at Nite, where Nikki’s been keeping the debate and analysis coming faster than I thought was humanly possible (and adding more evidence to my suspicion that she may not be made of flesh and blood). Not only has she produced six posts discussing the end of the series (Read #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6), but she also points to the opinions of her readers, and takes the time to explain why the Finding Lost series is a worthwhile read even if you’ve read every word on Nik at Nite. She’s also declared June Vampire Month at Nik at Nite so stay tuned for some fangtastic discussion this month!

At Gleeks United, Suzie is cooking up a super cool Glee quote generator! Stay tuned for the final product so that you can gleek out your website! You can also find her Gleecaps to “Dream On” and “Theatricality” and news on the early Season 3 pick up!

At Glee Dork you’ll find more tailor-made looks, and Erin’s gut reactions to “Dream On.” And for the gleekiest discussion in cyberspace, don’t miss the replay of the “Dream On” Gleekdom chat!

At Blogcritics, Barbara is interviewed by a fellow writer, and also lands a can’t miss interview with House‘s writers. On her personal blog, Barbara wants you to weigh in on the most stirring liplock on House and points to some House-Cuddy fanfiction.

At the Calhoun Tribune, Crissy writes about writing as well as the shocking season finale of Gossip Girl.


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