Books on TV Author Interview with Becca Wilcott (Part 2)

Last week I shared the first half of my chat with Truly, Madly, Deadly author Becca Wilcott, who gave us an introduction to True Blood and her companion guide.  This week we’re going deeper into vampire universe:

In Truly, Madly, Deadly you give us the low-down on the True Blood Twitter Players. If you were to roleplay any TB character, which one would it be, and why?

Oh, man. You know, if I thought I could pull off the sass of Lafayette, that would be a riot. We know that Nelsan Ellis comes up with a lot of his own zingers, so maybe I’d be roleplaying him. But, I think I’d be most successful as Eric Northman. I picture myself in the bubble bath — in a supernatural world where computers are safe in water — inciting passion and disgust in my followers. And Pam, if she was up for a trip down memory lane.

If you were going to sire an immortal companion from the Bon Temps populace, which one would it be, and why? (It’s fair to pick one that’s already sired.)

That’s such a good question. I’m gonna go with . . . Sookeh! Totally. She’s a  spitfire. Trustworthy. Smart. Curious. Consistent in her morals but open to evolving views of the world. And as much as I hate that dichotomous Madonna/whore divide — like, so, so much — in this instance, I don’t mind that she’s a good girl who knows how to get down.

Writing Truly, Madly, Deadly meant immersing yourself completely in vampire “fangdom.” Now that you’ve tasted blood, are there any other elements of vamp pop culture, literature, or fandom that you’re addicted to or have a new appreciation for?

I confess, I’m historically squiggly when it comes to the horror genre. I actually swear at the screen when I get scared. But I feel a bit naked knowing there are films and television shows out there that I haven’t seen. Even if I’ve seen something a million times, I’d much sooner watch it again with someone who comes to it from a different place, or in an informed way. For instance, I just supped with members of the Canadian chapter of the Transylvanian Society of Dracula and, dude, I know nothing — nothing — compared to these people, who have traveled to Romania and . . .  I can’t emphasize enough the well of information and expertise these people dip from. It’s not that I’m “behind,” but I’ve only just recently started viewing vampire-themed entertainment through the lens of all-time vampire entertainment. To that end, I’m more like a young progeny, an exciting prospect for those who came before me, perhaps. I’m a blank page.

Where I feel I contribute something to the genre, is my appreciation of minority politics, especially people who are invisible, or made to feel as such. That’s my attraction to True Blood, which I really do believe casts the supernatural differently, in part to force the “mainstream” into looking at itself a bit closer, perhaps as more common but not special for such commonalities. It’s very fascinating for me. Gets my engine revving!

And finally, what other shows are a regular part of your TV viewing schedule?

You’d think I worked for HBO: Six Feet Under, Nurse Jackie, Big Love, Dexter. Also love Glee as one who sang in the high school choir and dreamed of being signaled out for a solo, but has since developed a debilitating fear of karaoke. Season One of Survivor was genius, back before we knew that reality could be edited. (And one of these days, I’ll get around to applying David Mamet’s theory of inevitability to that characterization of Richard Hatch as the obvious winner from the first episode.) What else? Buffy. Firefly. Castle. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. (If you’re sensing a Nathan Fillion connection here, you would not be mistaken.) I’ve recently come on board with The Vampire Diaries, which is not to say that I haven’t been watching them all along, but I’m liking the show more and more since we learned more back story for Damon and Stefan, Damon’s hair of yore aside. And, can I just say, Stefan, eat a sammich! For reals. Enough. You’re wonderfully buff. Time to hit the craft services table. Oh, Damages. Kind of losing my sh*t over this show. Lurve. It.


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