The Nikki Stafford Last Lost Coverage Bonanza!

If the Lost finale last Sunday left you reeling and you’re not ready to let go, we’ve got enough Lost talk to stave off withdrawal a little longer. Here’s a recommended course of treatment that leaves you in the good hands of Dr. Nikki Stafford:

If you’re a bit behind, listen to Nikki’s May 21st interview on CBC Radio’s Q discuss the series pre-finale.

You can also read a great interview with Nik in the Waterloo Chronicle where she talks about the series and her plans for the finale.

For post-finale coverage, read Nikki’s first blog post about the episode, which is followed by, count’em, FIVE more posts on the episode.

As for outside media, our expert has been interviewed by the Associated Press, quoted by the Philadelphia Inquirer, praised over at the Globe and Mail, and pointed to by Canadian gossip columnist Lainey Liu.

For more radio coverage, Nikki’s first radio interview post-finale is with GalleyCat on Media Bistro.

If you still can’t get enough, Nikki helpfully points to the blog reactions of some of her readers.

Tonight you can also catch Nikki on Space channel at 11 p.m. EST, so tune in for more Lost discussion!

And if you’re still having night terrors about never again returning to the Island, at least there’s one more remedy: Start all over again. You don’t have to go it alone either: Nikki will keep you company with her Lost Rewatch, and of course with the Finding Lost series!


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