Weekly Blog Highlights for May 10-16, 2010

Another week, another round of amazing posts from our authors. Here are a few of the highlights:

Don’t miss Barbara Barnett’s Blogcritics interview with House writer/producer Doris Egan, and make sure you’re ready for the finale with Barbara’s analysis of last week’s episode.

At Gleeks United, Suzie covers the alleged complaints from an overworked cast, provides her usual Gleecap of last week’s ep, and talks the new Glee EP. At Glee Dork, Erin provides prom looks for the Glee characters, speculates on a role for Betty White, and gives her gut reaction to last week’s episode. You can also stop by and replay last week’s Gleekdom chat!

As we gear up for the Lost series finale, Nikki offers her two cents (well, more like two hundred cents, those posts are long!) on last week’s episode.

Crissy Calhoun relishes the latest (fantastic) episode of Gossip Girl with a recap and starts her extensive coverage of the even-more mind-blowing Vampire Diaries finale (referred to around the office of the best television finale EVER. High praise indeed!).

And as always, there is more to discover at each of these blogs, so head over for a visit!


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