ECW Tube Talk: Part 3

Welcome to the third installment in our series of interviews with ECW staffers. Despite being book people, collectively we spend a lot of time watching TV, talking about TV, and making the best TV books we possibly can. These interviews should give you a little taste of what we’re watching and the water-cooler conversations that happen around our office. Today we’re talking to our latest intern, and we’ll see what a mere six weeks at ECW HQ has done to her TV watching habits.

Name: Jackie Irvine

Position: Intern

What shows are must-see TV for you right now?

I don’t have a TV right now, so I watch shows I can easily stream online. Right now the only ones that I watch every week are Glee and The Office. I also can’t seem to quit Gossip Girl even though I haven’t enjoyed it very much the last two seasons. I can’t wait for Mad Men to come back in the summer!

And which shows rank as all-time favourites?

I will never forgive NBC for cancelling Freaks and Geeks after only one season, but I can watch the DVDs over and over and they never stop being hilarious. Mad Men is a current favourite, but I’ll have to wait and see how the series ends before I can call it an all-time favourite. And I will always have a special place in my heart for Full House.

Have your fellow ECW staffers talked you into watching a show you wouldn’t have otherwise tried?

So far I’ve successfully managed to escape the vampire trend, but after looking through Truly, Madly, Deadly I kind of want to watch True BloodThe Vampire Diaries probably won’t be far behind.

If you were to write a TV companion guide, which show would you examine, and why?

Big Love! I find all of the relationships on that show fascinating. It’s disturbing how they’re able to make this crazy polygamist family seem so relatable.  Chloe Sevigny’s Nikky is one of the best TV characters I’ve watched in a long time — I can’t decide if she’s a victim of her upbringing or just an evil psychopath.  I find myself thinking about Big Love for days after I’ve watched an episode.

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