Weekly Blog Highlights for Apr. 26-May 2

Here’s a sample of what’s happening in the blogosphere this week thanks to our awesome TV authors:

At Glee Dork, Erin is doing a truly awesome series of 10 artists worthy of the full episode treatment, including what songs would be sung by which characters. She’s also talking about whose faces she’d like to see gracing covers on the newstand and offers her gut reaction on last week’s episode. At Gleeks United, Suzie also offers her weekly Gleecap, and covers Lea Michele being named one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People.

Nikki offers another one of her incredibly detailed recaps for last week’s episode and points to great fan creations like The Gashlycrumb Losties and fan videos about the first pangs of Lost withdrawl setting in already.

At the End of the Thought Process, Barbara comments on the latest episode from the halls of Princeton-Plainsboro, and over at her blog, offers up a signed copy of her book for auction to raise money for diabetes research.

Lastly, Crissy Calhoun reports on last week’s episode of Gossip Girl.

There’s even more goodness at these blogs, and be sure to stay a while and take it all in!


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