Books on TV Author Interview with Erin Balser

One of the reasons for starting the Books on TV blog was to allow readers to get to know our incredible authors a bit better. So we’ve lined up a series of author interviews in which we get our spectacular scribes to talk about their books and the shows they love.

We’re kicking off the series with an interview with Erin Balser, one of the dynamic duo writing Don’t Stop Believin’: The Unofficial Guide to Glee.

You’re Twitter-famous for doing book reviews in 140 characters (@booksin140). Can you sell us Glee in 140 characters?

A camptastic take on the joy, sorrow & uncertainty of being the high school loser, set to a killer soundtrack. The Greatest Show on Earth.

What made you think that Glee deserved the TV companion treatment, and what kinds of things will you be analyzing in Don’t Stop Believin’?

Glee moves lightning fast, has forty billion characters and references everything from 1930s Broadway to Ann Coulter. You can watch an episode a hundred times and still miss something. Ryan Murphy has created such a unique, colorful and complex world that fans deserve a guidebook to help navigate everything. Since the show appeals to such a broad audience, I highly doubt that even the most astute viewer will catch everything! I know I haven’t. And there’s so much to analyze: these characters are so universal and relatable, yet so original. It’s going to be fun to take apart these characters, storylines and music choices and see what fans agree or disagree with!

What Glee character were you most like in high school? Is it the same character you relate to best now?

I was such a Rachel it’s embarrassing. I was a narcissistic go-getter and didn’t have many friends because of it. I don’t have one shred of singing talent or her luxurious locks, though.

What’s your fave performance by New Directions and what song would you like to see the glee club take on?

Well the song I was dying to see on the show will be in a later episode (thanks, spoilers!) but I won’t reveal that here. But now I’m gunning for Jesse’s Girl for Finn. It HAS to happen. Why else would Jesse St. James be named Jesse?

And what about if you had to perform a song on Glee? Which one would it be, and why? (Fair warning: I may hold you to this at Glee karaoke.)

I don’t sing. Ever. Not even in the shower. My audio processing sucks and I can’t even keep a beat when clapping. Remember Cameron Diaz in My Best Friend’s Wedding? She sounds like Rachel Berry next to me.

After being a longtime entertainment blogger on America’s Next Top Model and the Olsen twins, you’re got an amazing eye for fashion, and over at Glee Dork, you routinely create fierce outfits inspired by the Glee characters. Let’s do a little ANTM/Glee mash up, and show us your favourite “commercial” and “high fashion” outfits you’ve created. (To continue the mash-up, let’s take a moment to imagine Sue Sylvester on the ANTM panel. She’d make André Leon Tally’s accusations of “utter dreckitude” feel like being handed a kitten.)

This is the best question ever! Sue would be the greatest ANTM judge of all time. She did pose for Penthouse, you know, so she’d know how to pose H2T and smize like Tyra Banks herself.

My favorite high fashion look is the look I made for Kurt inspired by the Madonna episode:

Favorite commercial look? Pretty much all the Emma looks I make for What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear? Here’s my Brittany look for the Madonna episode, which I enjoy a little too much:

[Ed. Note: If you liked these looks, check out the rest at Glee Dork!]

To finish up, what other shows are part of your regular viewing schedule?

Uh, everything? I’m the type of person, however, that gets really (really, really) into television and when an episode is over I need to watch the next episode that very second. So I watch a lot of television on DVD. But I watch Modern Family and Parks and Recreation nearly every week. And I’m obsessed with Party Down right now. I watched Popular recently and love catching up on Mad Men. Nurse Jackie is another great one I’ve watched recently.

Thanks for the taking the time to chat, Erin! For our next Books on TV Author Interview, will be catching up with Crissy Calhoun, author of Spotted and Love You to Death.


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