Weekly Blog Highlights for Apr. 19-25, 2010

Here’s the lightening round of great things our talented writers/bloggers were writing about this week:

Over at Blogcritics, Barbara Barnett takes a closer look at this week’s medical mystery on House.

In the Land where Gleeks Rule, Erin gives her thoughts on the possibility of more one-artist episodes and her gut reaction on the Madonna episode, and Suzie provides her own gleecap and shares the latest news about the Glee live concert tour. Our Glee experts also had their first Gleekdom live chat, which you can replay here.

And in the Land of Lost (not to be confused with the Land of the Lost) Nikki recaps the latest episode of Lost and and details a great opportunity to hear the music of Lost get the live Orchestral treatment and get a sneak preview of the second-last episode.

Becca Wilcott also launched a hilarious caption competition, that encourages you to put a story to her author photo outtake.

Lastly, Crissy Calhoun talks books in addition to her usual recap of the trails and tribulations of the beleaguered residents of Mystic Falls.


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